The Lomofolio Bag - Monochrome Simplicity
The Lomofolio Bag - Monochrome Simplicity
Lomofolio – designed to keep things simple.
The Lomofolio bag is the everyday bag to compliment every mood, style and season. Crafted from the finest Nappa leather, its monochrome design reflects classic simplicity and quality.

The Lomofolio is the fashionista bag for day-to-day living. Stylishly ergonomic, each detail has functionality and ease in mind. Essential items are taken care of. Features like the inner carabiner ring hook and 2-in-1 double pocket mean the days of misplaced keys and wallets are over!

Lomofolio Bag
Lomofolio Bags
Versatile. As the name suggests, the Lomofolio is the perfect size for carrying notebooks, cameras, folders and books. With complete zip fastening and water-resistant and durable Nappa leather - your important gadgets and documents are in safe hands.
Tactile and indulgently soft - the Lomofolio adds comfort and a touch of the finer things to everyday life.
Lomofolio features
Lomofolio Comfortably Fits: notebooks 15inch, portfolios, folders, books, and other essential items such as wallets, keys, mp3 players, umbrellas etc.

Finest quality Nappa leather
Exquisitely soft, durable and water-resistant with the feel of luxury. Lined inside with cotton for added strength.
2-in-1 Double Inner pocket
To make sure you know exactly where to look – we have created a 2-in- 1 pocket design. The small pocket is stitched on to the larger zip-pocket.

Carabiner ring-hook
For easy access - attach your keys or wallet to the carabiner ring-hook. Finally! An end to endless rummaging around for things at the bottom of your bag!

Zip to fasten Keep all your possessions zipped up and in check!
Lomofolio Comfortably Fits: notebooks 1

Finest quality Nappa leather
Designed to be worn comfortably across your shoulder or detached completely, depending on how the mood takes you. Made from cotton to be kind to your shoulders!

Lomofolio features
Take a look through some galleries:
to see no matter how unique or typical an existence you lead the Lomofolio is the perfect accessory to your scene.

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