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World Pinhole Day is the perfect excuse to revisit and celebrate this early method of photography. Pinhole has been experiencing a revival in the last few years as more and more kooky lensless products have been coming out. Let’s introduce you to our personal favourites! Remember, you get 20% off when you buy more than one pinhole camera from our shop.
1.) DIANA F+
Our versatile 120 analogue heroine comes with pinhole as standard! Open up Diana’s pinhole possibilities by pairing it up with the Diana Instant Back+ for immediate gratification or the Diana 35mm Back+ for 35mm, multi-format fun.

Shop for Diana F+
See Diana F+ pinhole gallery
See Diana Instant Back+ pinhole gallery
Find more Diana F+ galleries here

See Diana F+ pinhole gallery
The pinhole functionality makes the signature Holga vignettes even more dreamy! Soft-focus, pocket-sized pinhole on regular 35mm format.

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See Holga Pinhole 135 gallery

See Holga Pinhole 135 gallery
Trip out to some Diana multiple exposure, kaleidoscopic pinhole goodness! Choose from 1,2, or 3 pinholes on a shot – wild when used with the included colour gels! Fun, unique, easy and colourful medium format pinholes!

Shop for Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator
See Diana Multi Pinhole Operator gallery
See Diana Multi Operator & 35mm Back+ pinhole gallery

See Diana Multi Pinhole Operator gallery
We have a wide selection of weird and wonderful pinhole cameras of all shapes, sizes and materials. Availability of pinhole products varies from region to region, check out what’s in stock in your area!

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Holga Pinhole 120
Pinhole Art DIY 135
Pinhole Art DIY Combo
Pinhole Blender 120
Pinhole Blender Mini 35mm
Holga 120 3D Stereo Pinhole Camera
Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera

The deadline for entries is 23rd April, that’s just two more days to enter your submissions to the Light Leaks and World Pinhole Day Rumbles. The winners of each will be announced in this Friday’s newsletter and awarded enough Piggy Points to get the Special Light Leaks / Pinhole Bundle at the online shop! Plus runners up will receive 10 Piggy Points each for their outstanding efforts.

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Enter the World Pinhole Day Rumble

See Light Leaks and Pinhole submissions

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