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Live The Search
Rip Curl and Lomography  join forces to Live The Search!
. Endless beaches, the sea is glistering and your best buddies are on your side. If this dreamy scenario makes your heart jump as much as ours and the ones of our buddies from Rip Curl, you are in good company. We teamed up with Rip Curl to unite our passions and literally live the search. But a day on the beach is even better with your friends around. This is why we have some exciting challenges and prizes waiting for you on our microsite: .

In three challenging rumbles we are asking you to shoot for all one’s worth and to collect all those moments from magic to tragic that occur when you are hanging out with your crew or you are pacing over clear blue water. Take your analogue camera and catch your friends riding their perfect wave or strolling about on the sandy shores.

Stage I – Whole Lotta Love!
Profess your love for surfing and the beach through Lomographs! Show us how much you love hanging out with your crew, rolling about on the sandy shores or riding your surfboards along the blue-green waves.

Stage II – Looking for Trouble?
Catch the wild waves of your life – in the form of your eccentric artistic endeavours, rebellious and fun parties, and crazy, out-of-this-world schemes with friends, lovers, and strangers!

Stage III – Life’s a Roadtrip!
Whatever your mode of transportation is – a bike, truck, van, or a surfboard, skateboard, snowboard – wheel yourself and your friends on a roadtrip, snap up some pics, and show us how you ride ‘n’ roll!

And the best of all:Your special glance gets handsomely rewarded! Ripcurl will throw in four grand prizes and 110 additional goodies that are waiting to be snatched.

2 trips to the RipCurl Pro Bells Beach in April 2011
2 trips to the RipCurl Pro Peniche in October 2011
110 additional goodies by Lomography and Ripcurl

...The Fisheye2 Rip Curl

As a result of this collaboration we designed a brand new clone of the Fisheye 2 together with Rip Curl. Perfectly drenched in summery colours this little fellow was made to shoot loose. Be it your ride on the perfect wave or the cutest summer love, the Fisheye 2 Rip Curl is always ready for action and captures everything within 180°. Dressed in flashy yellow, green, blue and red it wears the perfect beach outfit that draws all eyes on it while taking the most breathtaking photos. But the beach is not where the fun ends! Put in its submarine the Fisheye 2 Rip Curl will join you on your underwater adventures and will take circular Lomographs of a fishy world that has never been seen like this before. For more information visit:

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