The Spinner 360º - Around The World Race
See You at the Finish Line
Be Part Of The Action
The Prizes

Saw Usain Bolt set the 100m World Record in 2009? Watched Sebastian Vettel crowned F1 champion in 2010? Brace yourself for the new kid on the block in race calendar — Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the Spinner 360º World Challenge 2011!

See You at the Finish Line

For this epic journey, we’re going to have:

    •     4 teams
    •     Racing 4 Spinners
    •     On 4 different routes around the world!
    •     Each team will have 3 members
    •     The race ends when the Spinner makes it back to its start point

By the time the whole challenge has been completed, each Spinner will have looped its way all the way round the Earth’s circumference - That’s a marathon 24901.5 miles at the equator! Here are the routes:

The Berlin Revolvers The Toronto Twists
The Seoul Spirals The New York Loops
Be Part Of The Action

Want to take part in this epic adventure?

There’s only 3 positions available in each team, so hurry to get a place in this race!

Send an email to as soon as possible requesting to be involved.

Include a link to your LomoHome and the reason why you think you’d be perfect for the race

And don’t forget to tell us in which City you’d like to participate!

Please note: You’ve got to be able to make it to a Gallery Store in the City of your leg of the race in order to pick up your team’s Spinner 360º - So bear this in mind when applying!

The Prizes

We’ll be judging the race on 3 things:

Speed — 50 Piggy Points will go to each team member of the fastest team.

Quality — 50 Piggy Points will go to each team member which has the best overall quality of shots in their Spinner race portfolio (don’t worry, details of this will come later!).

The Challenges — 10 Piggies will go to the 8 people who best complete each of the individual challenges we will set.


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