Will you be my Valentine?

Why not give the gift of Lomographic Love this Valentine’s Day. Make your better half weak at the knees when they start to shoot from the hip! Or treat yourself to that camera you’ve been swooning for, who wants chocs and roses when you could have one of these beauties!

Ever since I first set eyes on you, I’ve wanted to caress that dashing exterior. And those soft-focus, vignetted 120 format photos you produce are delightfully classy, they really make you stand out from the crowd.
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It’s cheesy but true, with your pink hue I think you’re the dreamiest looking of all the Diana Mini family. You make everything so easy for me with your 35mm format. With your included Diana Flash Black and color gel filters, you’ve really splashed the life back into my photography!
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Whenever I see you, I can’t help but go starry-eyed. It’s that gorgeous wide-angle view you have, the way you make me see things from a whole new perspective with your 170 degree barrel distortion lens. And with your ‘Bulb’ setting for long exposures and switch for multiple exposures, I really feel like I’ve met my perfect partner - You just light up my world with your
built-in flash! All my love.
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Lomography Gift Vouchers

Want to give your Valentine a pressie but not sure what to get? Why not give them a Lomography Gift Voucher! Vouchers can be used to purchase any item in our online shop, so your soul mate is sure to find something they’re smitten for this Valentine’s Day!

Here’s how the Gift Vouchers work:

1. Just choose an amount between USD/EUR/GBP 10 — 200
2. We will send you a Voucher Code via e-mail.
3. You can opt to mail the vouchers to yourself, or forward them to your friends.
4. You can use the vouchers with Piggy Points and other offers to purchase your chosen item, but Piggy Points cannot be used as payment for gift vouchers.
5. Gift Vouchers are valid for one year
6. Vouchers are valid in the online shop only.

We’re selling vouchers right up to the 14th February, so even if you’re a last minute shopper you can woo your lover with a gift they’re sure to remember!

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We've got 3 brand new cameras...
Diana Mini "Love is in the Air!" Fisheye 2 "I Love You, I Love Lomo" Diana F+ "Take my Heart!"


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