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For film photographers around the world, it’s time to celebrate! Lomography and Kodak Alaris are today pledging an unwavering commitment to keep production of a large variety of photographic films alive and kicking in the 21st century.
Last year, we at Lomography brought back the 110 film format for you to enjoy; then, in 2013, we released a completely new film for you, LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400, that revives the classic Kodak Aerochrome look. Kodak Alaris have also written a letter addressed to YOU confirming their commitment to film photography. So rest assured our Lomographer friends, we are all wholeheartedly committed to analogue and ensuring that a great selection of exciting, innovative and experimental films are available in the future.
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Kodak went into a Chapter 11 company reorganization phase last year, but it is our pleasure that the company has been resurrected as Kodak Alaris and they have joined us on this quest into the analogue future. In an open letter addressed to you all in the Lomography community, the Kodak Alaris Boss Dennis Olbrich confirmed that Kodak will ‘continue to offer the full portfolio of photographic films and papers’. As partners in the mission to keep a great selection of film available for analogue photographers, we are thrilled by this news. Read the full letter from Kodak Alaris to Lomographers and our follow-up interview with Lars Fiedler, Product Marketing Director at Kodak Alaris.
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We recently re-launched the Lomography Film Subscription Online Service so you can never run out of films again! You can pick from 35mm, 120, 110 and mixed film packages and each month we’ll include a special exciting film surprise roll with your subscription order. There is no sign-up fee for the service and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you stay subscribed for 6 months, we’ll even send you a Lomography camera for free!
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Once you’ve shot your roll of film, there are tons and tons of places to develop your photos, wherever you are in the world. We offer LomoLab processing in almost all Lomography Gallery & Embassy Stores. In addition to taking your films to one of our stores, we offer the Online LomoLab service in many different countries. Still looking for a lab? Head to the PhotoLab section of the Lomography website where we have over 700 (and counting) labs listed!
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