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Save 50% on the LC-A Instant Back+

Lomographers are attuned to being instantaneous. We love to forget the rules, do away with the viewfinder, and immediately capture those special moments in life. Try the shot from the hip! Don’t think, just shoot! After all, seizing the moment with your favorite camera is the very core of photography, isn’t it? Check out our lineup and see the variety of options available for your spontaneous snap-shooting.

And to add even more excitement to these photographic instants, we’re offering 50% discount on the LC-A Instant Back+ this month!


Live for the instant With The LC-A+

No hacks or modifications; all you need is to install the LC-A Instant Back+ to your LC-A+ camera. This month, get 50% off the LC-A Instant Back+ in the Online Shop and Gallery Stores worldwide!

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Capture the Moment Competition

Let’s stop the world and take analogue photos! We have picked 3 exact moments for Lomographers from all over the world to stop and snap a photo. Great prizes are at stake for the best shots!

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The Instant Restock!

We have replenished the Shop with Instant Films and the new Instax Mini 8 Cameras. It’s the perfect combination for your spontaneous snapshots!

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