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introducing lomo goggles introducing lomo goggles
introducing lomo goggles
introducing lomo goggles

Ditch your Smartphone and throw away that digital TV, it’s time to view the world the analogue way.


With our brand new LomoGoggles, you can see the world in analogue style 24 hours a day. Smash through the glass and start goggling today!


LomoGoggles are guaranteed to make your life easier; without all the digital distractions, your eyes will become relaxed, you’ll be able to sit down without that nervous jiggle and, best of all, you’ll look cool!


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introducing lomo goggles
introducing lomo goggles

LomoGoggles work using innovative technology developed by a dedicated team of Lomography’s analogue scientists. The goggles allow you to ‘black-out’ digital objects from your field of view, so only analogue objects are left.


Using LomoGoggles, you can take the world back to an earlier, simpler, more beautiful age where digital technology didn’t dominate our lives. Head to the Lomography Online Shop and try looking at life through analogue eyes now!

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introducing lomo goggles
introducing lomo goggles

Be a trendsetter and help spread the news about these spectacular spectacles. Download our LomoGoggles Press Kit and tell your friends today!


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introducing lomo goggles

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