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Because we are passionate about #MakingMemories with you, we’re offering a special treat! Save 15% on the Smartphone Film Scanner when you buy it Online or in Gallery Stores
until 20th October.

All month long we’re celebrating our cherished analogue
moments by scanning and sharing our old photos in the
Lomography site and social media. Join in on the fun and
take advantage of our discounted Smartphone Film Scanner;
it’s an absolute must-have for all
analogue photography lovers.
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The Smartphone Film Scanner works with your Smartphone
and the included App to scan all kinds of 35mm films,
at a quality that’s excellent for archiving,
sharing and printing.
It scans unconventional photo formats including panoramic shots (such as Spinner 360˚ and Horizon cameras) and can
animate 35mm analogue movies taken with the LomoKino.
Using The Smartphone Film Scanner With Your LomoKino
It’s portable enough to take with you anywhere,
so that you can your 35mm films even when you’re away from home.

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“Scanning is really simple and incredibly fast when you
compare it to scanning on a flatbed, especially when it comes
to those 144 frames on your LomoKino movies.”
guanatos | Read more

“The smartphone scanner is a simple yet inspired concept.
Having the ability to scan your own negatives is really great!”
scootiepye | Read more

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