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"I have to say it is just a pleasure to use! It is so fast and does a fantastic job." - sixsixty

"My experience with the film scanner has been wonderful and surprising at times. I cannot express how easy it is to set up and use, even on the go." - herbasaurus

"It's a simple product with amazing possibilities, its fast and easy to use, and the experience of scanning with it came out even more satisfying than I supposed it to be." - vgzalez

"Considering that one of the Golden Rules is "Be Fast", this device will be fit for Lomography and also Lomographers!" - ruyatuna


To celebrate the official launch of the Lomography Film Scanner in the Online Shop* and Gallery Stores Worldwide, we wanted to take a look at what the community has done with it.

In the process of creating the Film Scanner, we let some of our community members loose on it to see just what it was capable of. You can now check out the amazing results and see how the Lomography Film Scanner can handle all different kinds of 35mm photos.


The Smartphone Film Scanner Loves Black & White Films
When it comes to scanning black and white photos, the Smartphone Film Scanner is more than capable. Here community member guanatos shows us how it handled his monochrome shots!

The Smartphone Film Scanner Brings Beloved Memories Back to Life!
Almost everyone has boxes of old photos lying somewhere in the house. With the Smartphone Scanner you can bring them back to life and share them with the world!

Indoors or Outdoors? The Smartphone Film Scanner is Good with Both!
Do you have lots of indoor photos taken with a flash or high-contrast cross processed photos? Never fear, the Smartphone Scanner can handle them all!

A Preview of Scanning with the Lomoscanner App
With the free Lomoscanner App releasing soon for iPhone and Android, we took a sneak preview at just how easy it is to scan your photos using the Smartphone Scanner together with the Lomoscanner App!

Colorful Scans Made with the Smartphone Film Scanner
Some amazing color-dripping 35mm scans courtesy of Thailand's wapclub




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*Unfortunately the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner is currently not yet available in Brazil.