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  Freshen up your analogue perspective and expand your creative options by pairing your Lomo LC-A and Diana F+ Cameras with some fun accessories!

Until 16th March, you can enjoy great savings on selected Lomo LC-A and Diana F+ Accessories. Make sure you don’t miss out by visiting the Online Shop or a Lomography Gallery Store near you.

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LC-A Wide Angle Lens

LC-A+ Splitzer

LC-A+ Krab
Underwater Housing


Fritz the Blitz

LC-A Instant Back+

LC-Wide Instant Kit

Diana+ 55mm Wide
-Angle & Close-Up Lenses

Diana+ 110mm
Telephoto Lens

Diana+ 20mm
Fisheye Lens

Diana+ 38mm
Super-Wide Lens

Diana+ Lens Adaptor
- Nikon Mount

Diana+ Lens Adaptor
- Canon Mount

Diana+ Splitzer

Diana F+ Flash

Diana Instant Back+

  Keep your camera close to you at all times with Zkin Straps, which are now available at unbeatable prices. There’s a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from!

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