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  This year we launched two analogue photography competitions to coincide with Film Photography Day: the Analogue Stars Competition: Landscapes and the Analogue Stars Competition: Portraits. The goal was to look for the most impressive film photos shot by creative Lomographers like you! Now we’re ready to present the winners!

Analogue Stars Competition: Landscapes
  Among all the breathtaking photos we’ve seen, these winning landscapes give us an otherworldly view of the world.

Analogue Stars Competition: Portraits
  We’re blown away with the absolutely stunning portraits submitted to this competition. Here are our top 3 favorites!

The Prizes
  Stellar treats await our award-winning Lomographers!

Lomography Presents: the LomoMatrix
  For Film Photography Day, Lomographers from all over the world performed awesome LomoMatrix sessions in their respective countries. Watch the videos to see how amazing it turned out!

Watch the LomoMatrix Videos


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