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為紀念充滿日本文化傳統的節日:Golden Week 黃金週,我們為你帶來 3 部限量特別版相機 :它們除漂亮動人,還可和你一同拍攝出撼動人心的精彩的Lomograph。 Lomography Golden Week 特別版相機原為 "Golden Week 黃金週"' ― 這讓人辛勞工作過後,好好休息、充滿日本文化色彩的節日而設計研發。現在這些特別版的出現,帶來更深一層的特別意義;你每購買這系列相機,即是幫助我們向日本紅十字會捐贈 20,000 EUR(約200,000 HKD)。

When conceived, these cameras were meant to commemorate Japan's Golden Week, a time for celebrating Japanese culture and taking a well-earned rest from work. Now, the cameras have taken on a whole new meaning; they have become a way to help a community with a lot of work ahead of them. With the purchase of this camera you contribute to the donation of EUR 20.000 to the Red Cross Relief Japan. You can pre-order the cameras in the Online Shop or at the Gallery Stores. Read more about the donation.


Diana Mini JIYU - Freedom

Diana Mini JIYU 除了有簡潔清純的外表、象徵熱愛自由的鮮花、還有豐富動人的內涵;它使用的是沖晒和使用一樣方便的 35mm 膠卷,可拍攝正方型(36張)或半格(72張)兩種片幅 ― 可是有多個方便的方法,讓你保存每個難忘的場景!

The Diana Mini JIYU symbolizes freedom and has a delicate charm with its floral design and clean colours. It uses 35mm film that can be processed anywhere and produces beautiful square or half-frame photos.


Diana F+ KIRAMEKI - Sparkling

Diana F+ KIRAMEKI 精密複雜的設計,配搭上乾淨俐落的顏色,象徵幸福的蔓延。這 120 中片幅相機向你承諾的,是和你一起激發無盡可能性和創意,拍出迷人的正方型片幅照片。

The Diana F+ KIRAMEKI sparkles with its intricate design and calming colours. This medium-format camera promises dreamy square photos and unlimited creative options when paired with Diana accessories.


Fisheye 2 SHIAWASE - Happiness

Fisheye 2 SHIAWASE 身上獨特的圖案設計閃耀出耀目的色彩!當然少不了其可拍出 170º 廣角的魚眼鏡頭、使用方便購買和沖晒的 35mm 膠卷等特性,讓你輕易拍出水泡型魚眼映象。

The Fisheye 2 SHIAWASE symbolizes the spreading of happiness and produces shots in a 170-degree radius - Your subject is captured in a fun, compact circle in each 35mm print!



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